1Appendage of the seed largely apical and folded at maturity; flowers in more than 2 ranks; sepals asymmetrically obovate, not over 1.1 cm long; fruit ovoid, ca. 1.5 cm long or less; leaves ovate- or linear-lanceolate with ample but indistinct sheaths, mostly cretaceously coated (not caused by indu- ment).
1'Appendage of the seeds wholly or largely basal, straight at maturity; flowers in 2 ranks, or when in more than 2 ranks then the sepals not asymmetrically obovate and over 1.1 cm long; leaves rarely cretaceously coated.
2Petal-claws conglutinated in a tube equaling the sepals, naked; spikes always polystichously flowered; coma mostly brown; plant acaulescent; leaf blades linear or ligulate.
2'Petal-claws for most part free, naked or bearing 2 ligules on the inside; spikes mostly distichously flowered (sometimes reduced to 2-flowered spikes); coma mostly white; plant sometimes caulescent; leaf blades very narrowly triangular, ligulate or linear.
3Petal-claws free and naked.
3'Petal-claws free or united in a very short tube much exceeded by the sepals, bearing 2 ligules on the inside.