Key for Coussapoa Aubl.

1Blade scabrous above.
1'Blade smooth above.
2Basal lateral veins reaching the margin below or at the middle of the blade.
2'Basal lateral veins reaching the margin above the middle of the blade.
3Blade with arachnoid indument beneath.
3'Blade without arachnoid indument beneath.
4Arachnoid indument on the blade brownish.
4'Arachnoid indument on the blade whitish.
5Lamina beneath with patent hairs on the venation.
5'Lamina beneath with appressed hairs on the venation.
6Secondary veins 4-5 pairs; blade oblong.
6'Secondary veins (4-)5-8 pairs; blade mostly elliptic to ovate to obovate or to suborbicular.
7Secondary veins 2-3(-4) pairs.
7'Secondary veins 4-11 pairs.
8Secondary veins (4-)7-11 pairs; terminal buds usually swollen.
8'Secondary veins 4-7 pairs; terminal buds slender.
9Secondary veins 2-4 pairs.
9'Secondary veins 4-11 pairs.
10Branch lets (rather) abruptly thickened and with wide cavities.
10'Branchlets gradually thickened and solid or with narrow cavities.
11Blade smooth (to scabridulous) above, glabrous or sparsely puberulous on the smaller veins beneath, on the main veins sparsely to rather densely puberulous with straight hairs; tertiary venation olane to orominent.
11'Blade scabrous (to scabridulous) above, densely (to rather sparsely) puberulous with curved hairs on the smaller veins beneath: tertiarv venation prominent; blade mostly obovate.
12Hairs on the lamina beneath about equal in length and basal veins usuallv branched.
12'Hairs on the lamina beneath distinctly different in length and/or basal veins unbranched.
13Stipules 1.2-5 cm long; blade (initially) with arachnoid hairs beneath.
13'Stipules 0.5-1(-1.3) cm long; blade without arachnoid hairs beneath.