Dichapetalum schulzii

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Dichapetalum schulzii


Shrub 1.5 m tall; young branches sparsely puberulous. Stipules small, ca. 1 mm long, lanceolate, hirtellous pubescent, margin entire. Petiole 3-7 mm long, terete, sparsely pubescent; blade chartaceous, narrowly oblong to oblong-lanceolate, 7-11 x 2.8-4 cm, glabrous above except on midrib, almost glabrous beneath but with a few scattered stiff appressed hairs, acumen finely pointed slightly curved at apex, acumen 1-2 cm long, rounded and slightly unequal at base; midrib plane and with dense pubescence of stiff appressed hairs above, prominent and with sparse pubescence of stiff appressed hairs beneath, 7-9 pairs of secondary veins, widely spaced, arcuate and anastomosing 4-6 mm from margin, prominulous on both surfaces. Inflorescence a terminalfew-flowered panicle, to 2 cm long in bud; rachis and branches brown tomentose; peduncle ca. 1 cm long in young inflorescences. Flowers hermaphrodite, ca. 2.5 mm long; pedicels 1.5 to 2 mm long; bracts and bracteoles small, lanceolate, 1-1.5 mm long, persistent, tomentose; calyx ca. 1 mm long, greytomentellous on exterior; petals 5, deeply bifid, 2 lobes joined only at extreme base, white, glabrous; fertile stamens 5, alternating and equalling or shorter than petals, enclosed by 1 lobe of each petal in bud, filaments broad, flattened; disk of 5 small glands flattened against filament bases; ovary 2-locular, hirsute on exterior, styles united, with a rounded undivided apex, hirsute. Fruit not seen.


Suriname endemic
Endemic to Suriname, known only from the type collection of a forested ridge at 325 m elev. (SU: 1).