Talisia simaboides

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Talisia simaboides


Tree to 30 m tall; trunk reaching 35 cm in diam., buttressed at base to 1 m high; bark grayish brown, smooth, with lenticels in rows; inner bark orange or reddish brown. Branches sulcate, tomentulose, becoming terete and lenticellate with age. Leaves paripinnate or imparipinnate; petiole 2.5-5.5 cm long, puberulent, slightly flattened adaxially, striate, minutely lenticellate, slightly enlarged at base; rachis 3.5-7(11) cm long, puberulent, terete, striate; petiolules nearly cylindrical, slender, glabrous, 3-7 mm long, striate, adaxially canaliculate; leaflets 5-8, alternate or subopposite, chartaceous to subcoriaceous, discolorous, oblong, elliptic, lanceolate, or nearly obovate, 4-9(14) × 1.5-3.4(4.5) cm, the adaxial surface glabrous, often with scattered, raised, conical insect galls, or necrotic, round spots, with impressed midvein and slightly prominent secondaries, the abaxial surface usually drying brownish, minutely puberulent, especially along the prominent midvein, the apex obtuse, retuse, sometimes nearly acuminate, the base obtuse or acute, decurrent on the elongated petiolule; the venation brochidodromus, finely reticulate veined, secondary veins inconspicuous or less often slightly prominent. Thyrses panicle-shaped, 9-25 cm long, distal on branches; axes obtusely angled, striate, minutely velvety pubescent; bracts and bracteoles triangular, tomentose, ca. 0.5 mm long, early deciduous; dichasia simple, nearly sessile; pedicels 1.5-2 mm long, ferruginous-tomentulose, articulate at the middle or below. Calyx pale green, 2.5-3 mm long, minutely tomentose or pubescent, the sepals free to the base, ovate or deltate, concave; petals white, rhombo-ovate or ovate, ca. 3 mm long, abaxially appressed-pubescent at base, adaxially glabrous, cuneate at base, obtuse at apex; appendages as long as the petals, ovate-deltate, fused at base to the petal’s basal margins to form a pocket, adaxially white sericeous above the base, abaxially glabrous; disc annular, crenate, tomentose, 0.9 mm tall; stamens 8, the filaments of unequal lengths, glabrous or puberulent, the anthers ovoid, 0.5-0.75 mm long, apiculate; ovary ovoid, tomentose, the stigma trigonous-capitate, papillate. Fruit ellipsoid to ovoid, ca. 2 cm long, densely appressed-ferruginous-pubescent, the pericarp woody, ca. 1 mm thick, the endocarp sparsely wooly-pubescent. Seed solitary, with thin, dry testa.


French Guiana endemic, Suriname endemic
endemic to French Guiana and Suriname (SU: 3; FG: 6).

Common Name

English (Suriname): makrappa, pintolokus-zwarte