Xyris paraensis var. paraensis

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Xyris paraensis var. paraensis


Ranging lower, rarely over 20 cm, usually more slender than the preceding, extremes with filiform leaf blades. Spikes broadly ovoid to broadly ellipsoid, mostly under 1 cm, flowers several to many. Lateral sepals viewed from side elliptic, blunt, keel wide, mostly long-ciliate.


Amazonia present, Belize present, Bolivar present, French Guiana present, SE Venezuela present, Southern America: Brazil North (ParĂ¡ present); Brazil Northeast (CearĂ¡ present, Pernambuco present), Terr. Roraima present
Rare in Bolivar, SE Venezuela, increasingly abundant E to French Guiana; in Brazil mostly in Amazonia from Ceara and Pernambuco W to Terr. Roraima and Para (where most abundant); Belize.




Both varieties of X. paraensis in the Guianas, but particularly the type variety, are often confused with a common associate, X. savanensis. However, the former has smooth leaf and scape surfaces, broader dorsal areas, bearded staminodes and longer, narrower, conspicuously acuminate seeds, while X. savanensis in the same region has rugulose, papillose- scabrid scapes and foliage, has narrower dorsal areas, beardless, reduced staminodes, and shorter, plumper seeds with truncate and apiculate tip.