Xyris kukenaniana

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Xyris kukenaniana


Cespitose perennial, 1-2 m high; stem short; leaves in a fan, 6-10 cm, sheath long-ciliate, rugulose, red-brown, eligulate or with short, pilose ligule, blade linear, slightly compressed, 1-1.5 mm wide, white-ciliate or scabrociliate, smooth or papillose. Scapes distally elliptic in cross-section, ca. 1 mm wide, 2-3(-4)-costate, 2 ribs broad, flat, making pale scabro-ciliate edges; spikes ovoid, 7-8 mm, dark red-brown or sooty brown, bracts several, subdecussate, without dorsal area, minutely papillose, empty bracts several2-3.5 mm, white-ciliate at apex, grading to larger fertile ones, these broadly obovate, ca. 5 mm, ecarinate, rounded, aging lacerate. Lateral sepals free, subequilateral, curved, 4.5-5 mm, keel narrow, sparsely long-ciliate; petals obovate, ca. 4 mm; staminodes bearded; anthers 1.5 mm. Immature fruit valves with septa; seeds not seen.


Mt. Roraima
Known only from the type locality, which is near Mt. Roraima and to be expected there.