Aristolochia peltatodeltoidea

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Aristolochia peltatodeltoidea


Glabrous vine with woody rootstock; branchlets sarmentose, thin; pseudostipules lacking. Leaves: petiole thin, 1-2(-3) cm long; blade triangular, 3-7(-10) x 1.5-3(-5.5) cm, greyish and pubescent beneath, apex triangular acute, base straight to slightly cordate, 1-2 mm peltate; venation pedate, tertiary veins forming an inconspicuous net. Flowers axillary, solitary, or thin racemes up to 2 cm long, bearing up to 6 flowers with small linear bracts; pedicels very thin, 5-8 mm long; ovary 3-5 mm long; perianth pale green, glabrous; utricle subglobose to ovoid, 4-6 mm in diam.; tube cylindric, 3 mm; limb funnel-shaped, superior lobe large, brown, elliptic, 1.5 x 1 cm, apex round. Fruit unknown.


Guyana present, Kanuku Mts present
Only known from Guyana, Kanuku Mts., on rock boulders (GU: 3).