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Small to large trees. Stipules wanting. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound with a rudimentary distal leaflet; petiolules usually short and slender; leaf rachis cylindrical or angled, leaflets entire (seldom serrate), alternate to opposite. Inflorescences axillary or distal, paniculate or racemiform thyrses, with flowers in lateral dichasia, or congested cymes. Flowers actinomorphic, bisexual or unisexual (plant polygamous-dioecious); calyx cupular, usually tomentose, with 5 subimbricate, short sepals; petals 5, auriculate, as long as the sepals or longer, with a pair of marginal tomentose appendages; disc annular, usually pentagonal; stamens (4-6) 8, exserted, the filaments free, tomentose, of equal length, the anthers dorsifixed; ovary 3-locular, each locule with a single ovule; style elongated with 3 stigmatic branches or unbranched. Fruit a 2 or 3-locular, woody or leathery capsule. Seed nearly globose or ellipsoid, with a fleshy arillode at base.


Guianas present, tropical and subtropical America present
Tropical and subtropical America with about 50 species. Eleven species are known to occur in the Guianas.