Mendoncia crenata

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Mendoncia crenata


Suffrutescent vine. Stem subterete, subsulcate, the internodes more than 10 cm long. Indument of branchlets, petioles and inflorescences tomentose with appressed and somewhat spreading yellowish pubescence, or older part glabrescent. Petiole 2-4 cm long, canaliculate above; blade firm, ovate to oblong, 9-15 x 5.5-9 cm, margin distinctly crenate, long-acuminate at apex and tipped by a mucro 2.5 mm long, narrowed at base, upper surface scabrous-hirsute, yellowish trichomes erect, ca. 1 mm long, arising from stellate bases, lower surface softly pubescent with spreading, yellowish-white trichomes to 0.75 mm long; primary and secondary veins (about 4 pair) densely hirsute, prominent beneath, less so above. Flowers 2-4 in each axil; pedicels 2-4 cm long, densely tomentose with spreading yellowish-brown trichomes to 1.5 mm long; bracteoles ovate, 20-30 x 14-20 mm, acuminate or rarely rotundate at apex, rotundate at base, densely and softly pilose with spreading yellowish-brown trichomes to 2 mm long, glabrous within. Calyx annular, short; corolla white, tubular, 50 mm long, tube about 5 mm wide to 16 mm wide apically, glabrous, lobes oblong, 9 x 5 mm, rounded at apex. Fruit subcompressed, 15 x 8 mm, truncate at apex, tipped by part of persistent style, glabrous.


French Guiana present
French Guiana; besides the type only 3 other collections were studied: Saut Ouaimicouaré, Oldeman T-578 (CAY, P); Piste de Saint-Élie, Cremers 1990 (CAY, US); Régina, Mts. Tortue, Feuillet et al. 10357 (CAY, U, US).


Fruiting .