Celiantha imthurniana

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Celiantha imthurniana


Herb, woody at base, up to 1 m high, branched. Stems and branches up to 0.7 cm in diam., terete, with a pair of small wings; internodes 0.5-7.5 cm long. Leaves sessile, evenly positioned; blade coriaceous, broadly elliptic, gradually smaller towards inflorescence, 0.8-4 x 0.9-1.4 cm, margin not thickened but slightly recurved, apex obtuse to bluntly acute, base attenuate. Inflorescence few-flowered; bracts leaf-like in lower part, scale-like in upper part, ovate or linear, 4-8 x 1-15 mm; pedicel 25-110 mm long. Flowers nodding; calyx green-purple to bronze-green, 5-6 x 4-5 mm, lobes triangular, 3-4 x 2-3 mm, margin hyaline, apex narrowly acuminate; corolla purple, pink, red, or lavender, with white spots inside, funnel-shaped, 33-50 mm long, 10-22 mm wide at mouth, lobes ovate to triangular, 12-22 x 8-10 mm, apex acuminate; stamens not exserted, filaments 22-33 mm long, straight, anthers yellow or chrome, oblong, 1-1.5 mm long, straight; pollen exine with large globules surrounded by smaller globules; pistil 30-35 mm long, ovary ca. 10 x 1-2 mm, style 27-32 mm long, stigma lobe ovate, 1 x 1 mm. Fruit nodding, brown, ellipsoid, 11-16 x 5-7 mm; seeds brown, 0.3-0.5 mm in diam.


Bolivar present, Guyana present present, Mt. Roraima present, Southern America: Venezuela (Venezuela present)
Venezuela (BolĂ­var) and Guyana (Mt. Roraima); 27 collections studied, of which 4 from Guyana (GU: 4).


Flowering and fruiting .