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Small or large trees. Stipules wanting. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound; rachis cylindrical or angled, ending in a distal process (rudimentary leaflet); petiolules usually short and slender; leaflets alternate or opposite, the margins serrate, serrate-dentate or seldom entire. Inflorescences axillary or distal, paniculate thyrses, with flowers in lateral dichasial or monochasial cymes. Flowers actinomorphic, bisexual or unisexual (plants polygamous-dioecious); calyx of 5, free, imbricate sepals, usually tomentose; petals 5, auriculate, with a pair of marginal tomentose appendages; disc annular, usually 5-lobed; stamens (4, 6) 8, exserted, the filaments of equal length, free, the anthers dorsifixed; ovary 3-carpellate, with a single ovule per carpel; style elongated; stigma of 2-3 stigmatic lines. Capsule loculicidal, 2-3-locular, woody or leathery. Seeds with a cupular aril at base.


Guianas present, tropical and subtropical America present
Tropical and subtropical America, with about 50 species. Seven species known from the Guianas.