Xyris tenella var. tenella

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Xyris tenella var. tenella


Mostly in the lower height range and more delicate. Leaves more frequently in fans, their bases not as darkand with less dilation. Spikes of narrower outline, fertile bracts at midspike frequently lacking dorsal area, the keel of lateral sepals entire or papillose to ciliolate.


Amazonian Brazil present, Guyana present, Planalto present, S Venezuela present, Southern America: Ecuador (Ecuador present); Paraguay (Paraguay present)
S Venezuela E (?) to Guyana; Amazonian Brazil through the Planalto and S into Paraguay; Ecuador.


This complex is presently under revision, particularly as to its rela- tionships to several Brazilian taxa having overlapping forms. A tighter concept of X. tenella is worked for, in any case a X. tenella which is a low, delicate plant whose thin, dilated leaf sheaths have a long brush of cilia, whose slender scapes produce a few-flowered spike of acute bracts with streaklike dorsal area, whose narrow, acute lateral sepals are free and have little or no keel ornamentation.