Orectanthe ptaritepuiana

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Orectanthe ptaritepuiana


Stems elongate, often to 15 cm or more, densely leafy but with leaves ascending in high spiral, the growth often sprawling, often branched, erect only toward tip, leaf margins not or indistinctly red-brown. Scapes 2-several; involucre sepals and corolla as in O. sceptrum; 3 sterile, land-form bracts, distinctly longer than the inner cephalar bracts and up to 6 cm long.


Guyana present, S Bolivar present, Southern America: Brazil North (Roraima present); Venezuela (Venezuela present)
Venezuela, across S Bolivar E into SE Guyana in rocky, high-elevation savanna over Roraima Sandstone, 1500-2500 m.