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Annual herbs, sometimes fruticose. Leaves opposite, petiolate. Inflorescence of terminal spikes; bract persistent; bracteoles located on outer side of reflexed flower, becoming indurated with spinose apex. Flowers sessile, becoming reflexed early in development; tepals 5, stiff, persistent; stamens 5, separated by 5 fimbriate pseudostaminodia, filaments and pseudostaminodia joined below in a cup, anthers dorsifixed; style filiform, stigma glandular. Fruit an indehiscent, thin-walled utricle, remaining inside persistent tepals and bracteoles; seed 1, more or less cylindrical, testa thin, membranous, pale brown, embryo closely encircling solid perisperm.


Africa present, Guianas present, tropics and subtropics of the New and Old Worlds present
Species 6, in the tropics and subtropics of the New and Old Worlds, with a center of diversity in Africa; 1 species in the Guianas.