Sipapoantha obtusisepala

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Sipapoantha obtusisepala


Shrub. Stems quadrangular, 4-angled, longitudinal ridges ca. 0.1 mm wide. Leaves sessile, evenly dispersed on stem; blade coriaceous, elliptic (ovate towards branch apices), 1-2.5 x 5-12 cm, margin chartaceous, recurved, apex acute, base attenuate (obtuse towards branch apices). Inflorescence 5-12 flowered; bracts ovate with obtuse apex, 1.9-2.1 mm long; pedicels 6-9 mm long (in fruit). Flowers not seen; calyx (in fruit) 6-7 x 5-6 mm, lobes (in fruit) circular, slightly flaring, 3-4 x 3-4 mm, margin membranaceous, apex obtuse; corolla reported as blue (Ribeiro 396); stigma lobe (in fruit) elliptic, ca. 5 mm long (width not measurable). Fruit horizontal to nodding, brown, ellipsoid, 10-12 x 4-6 mm; seeds brown, 0.2-0.5 mm in diam.


Only known from the type specimen; growing on rock, the exact collecting location of the type specimen is uncertain, but all evidence suggests on a mountain in the Brazilian-Guyana border area in Brazil (Roraima). For more details see Lepis et al., 2011.


Fruiting specimen collected in .