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Pubescent herbs. Leaves opposite, sessile or shortly petiolate, acute to acuminate, apiculate. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, cylindrical or subglobose, subtended by a pair of involucral leaves; bracts scarious, somewhat cucullate, keeled, keel usually excurrent; bracteoles scarious, conduplicate, winged or crested along fold, enclosing flowers, falling with fruits. Flowers bisexual; tepals 5, scarious, concave, densely lanate on outer surface; staminal tube long, anthers 2-locular, pseudostaminodia absent; stigmas 2, linear, erect, somewhat elongated. Utricle membranous, compressed, ovoid, indehiscent; seed 1.


Guianas present, New World tropics present
Approximately 95 species indigenous to the New World tropics; 1 species naturalized and cultivated in the Guianas.