Aristolochia bilobata

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Aristolochia bilobata

Placement status: excluded


Hispaniola present, St. Thomas Islands present
This species, cited by Aublet (1775, p. 833), is known only from Hispaniola and St. Thomas Islands.


The leaves are 2-lobed, very typical, and there is no specimen from the Guianas that we could refer to that species. There are at least two possible explanations: either Aristolochia bilobata was cultivated in French Guiana or the name has been wrongly applied to one of the few 2-lobed species of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba occuring in French Guiana, whose young plants (up to 10-15 cm tall) have very minute stipules and no tendril. Even the second hypothesis is not more unlikely than the description of Aristolochia amara as a Menispermaceae.