Pourouma stipulacea

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Pourouma stipulacea


Tree. Branchlets 10-25 mm thick, yellowish-hirsute to -villous. Stipules 15-20 cm long, subpersistent, yellow-hirsute to -villous and with arachnoid hairs outside, hairy inside; petiole 25-65 cm long, sparsely strigose to hirsute; blade coriaceous, 5-parted to -fid, ca. 30-70 x 30-75 cm, apex acuminate, base deeply cordate, upper surface smooth, yellowish-hirsute to -hirtellous on the primary vein, lower surface on the main veins yellow-strigose to -subsericeous, on the smaller veins and in the areoles arachnoid-tomentellous; secondary veins in the free part of the midsegment 12-18 pairs, basal pair branched. Staminate inflorescences unknown. Pistillate inflorescences with 3 branches; peduncle ca. 10 cm long; flowers ca. 10-15; pedicel ca. 5 mm long; perianth (immature fruiting) ca. 20 mm long, yellow-strigose and with white arachnoid hairs; stigma discoid.


Guyana present, near Kamarang present
Guyana (type locality and near Kamarang).