Cecropia sciadophylla

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Cecropia sciadophylla


Tree up to 30 m tall. Branchlets 1.5-5 cm thick, hirsute (to subvillous) or glabrous; prostomata absent. Stipules 30-50 cm long, caducous, sparsely appressed-puberulous outside; petiole up to 70 cm long, trichilia absent; blade coriaceous, ca. 20-70(-100) x 20-70(-100) cm, incisions 11-15, down to (near) the petiole, upper surface smooth, lower surface (sub)glabrous on the veins, with arachnoid hairs in the areoles; secondary veins of the midsegment ca. 25-45 pairs, unbranched, submarginally loop-connected. Staminate inflorescences: peduncle patent, 7-15 cm long; spathe 8-18 cm long; spikes ca. 8-15, stipitate, 7-15 x 0.4-0.8 cm; perianth muriculate at the apex, with dense, arachnoid hairs below the apex; anthers after abscission attached to the flower by the stretched spiral thickenings of the vascular bundle of the filament. Pistillate inflorescences: peduncle patent, 3-8 cm long; spathe 8-12 cm long; spikes 4-6, (sub)sessile, 7-10 x 0.8-1 cm, in fruit up to 20 x 1.5 cm; perianth muriculate at the apex, arachnoid hairs below the apex; stigma penicillate. Fruit 2-3 mm long, tuberculate.


Amazon Basin present, Guianas present
Amazon Basin and the Guianas.