Ruellia microcalyx

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Ruellia microcalyx


Erect herbs, 20-30 cm tall. Stem subquadrangular, grooved and rounded on angles, puberulous to glabrescent. Branches decumbent, rooting at lower nodes. Petiole 4-5 mm long, puberulous; blade membranous or chartaceous, ovate or ovate-oblong, 30-55 x 15-25 mm, glabrous, acuminate at apex, abruptly contracted into petiole; primary vein and secondary veins (4-5 pairs) shortly and sparingly adpressed pubescent. Flowers clustered in axils of upper leaves, several in each fascicle; pedicels about 1 mm long, glabrous; bract and bracteoles subulate, 2-3 mm long, puberulous. Calyx 6-7 mm long, puberulous, lobes narrowly triangular, 4-5 mm long; corolla blue or blue-violet, 18-25 mm long, tube 14-18 mm long, sparingly puberulous without, basal part cylindrical, similar in length to infundibular upper part, apically 3.5-4 mm wide, lobes suborbicular, 5-8 mm long; stamens attached to base of expanding part of corolla tube, filaments 4 and 6 mm long respectively, anthers 2 mm long, thecae subequal at base; ovary 1.5 mm high, sparingly pubescent towards top, style 15 mm long, hirtellous at base, lower stigma lobe 0.6 m long. Capsule unknown.


Guyana present, Suriname present
Guyana and Suriname; 3 collections studied (GU: 2; SU: 1).