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Mycoheterotrophic (“saprophytic”), white herbs; roots filiform; stems white, simple or branched, quadrangular to slightly winged. Leaves opposite, small and scale-like. Inflorescence a terminal more or less contracted, 1- to many-flowered cyme; bracts and bracteoles similar to leaves. Flowers white, erect, (4-)5(-6)-merous, shortly pedicellate, not fragrant; calyx lobes (sepals) almost free, (4-)5(-6), narrowly triangular, persistent, often provided with discoid scales at inner base; corolla actinomorphic, trumpet-shaped to tubular, (4-)5(-6)-lobed, white, papillate within, hardly exceeding calyx, soon falling off, lobes contorted, spreading; stamens (4-)5(-6), inserted at various levels in corolla tube, filaments long or short, anthers free or coherent just below stigma, introrse, basifixed, connective prolonged beyond thecae or not; pollen in monads; ovary 2-locular at base, 1-locular in upper part, 2-carpellate, eglandular, ovules ∞, orthotropous, style filiform, stigma 2-lobed. Fruit a globose to ovoid capsule, indehiscent, provided with persistent style; seeds subglobose, pitted.


Southern America: Panamá (Panamá present), throughout tropical S America present
A monotypic genus occurring throughout tropical S America and Panama.