Voyria spruceana

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Voyria spruceana


Herbs 5-25 cm tall; roots branched, coral-shaped; stems orange to red, rarely white, simple, sometimes branched at base. Leaves narrowly triangular or narrowly ovate to subulate, 1-9 mm long. Flowers solitary, 4(-5)-merous; calyx tubular, 4-10 mm long, tube 1-6 mm long, slightly keeled to slightly winged, lobes narrowly triangular to subulate, 2-5 mm long, sinuses acute; corolla yellow, rarely white to flesh-coloured, trumpet-shaped, 7-30 mm long, tube cylindric, 5-17 mm long, inner side glabrous, lobes narrowly triangular, patent to reflexed, 4-13 mm long; stamens inserted 2-3 mm below throat, filaments to ca. 1 mm long, anthers 1.5-4 mm long, thecae with a basal, tail-like, densely hairy appendage more or less equaling fertile part, apex rounded; ovary fusiform, ca. 6 mm long, glandular marks present, style 4-8 mm long. Capsule fusiform, 6-8 mm long, dehiscence unknown; seeds irregularly ovoid, 0.1-0.3 mm long.


Guianas present present, Southern America: Bolivia (Bolivia present); Costa Rica (Costa Rica present); Peru (Peru present)
From Costa Rica in the NW to Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia in the S, and in the Guianas; 16 collections studied from the Guianas (GU: 3; SU: 7; FG: 6).


Flowering .