Abolboda grandis

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Abolboda grandis


Solitary or cespitose, smooth perennial, stem short, sometimes branched. Principal leaves linear-triangular to linear-lorate, 8-60 cm x 8-20 mm, finely many-veined, lingulate to flat, acute to acuminate, subulate, entire with thin, hyaline margin. Scape 20-120 cm, terete to sulcate-angulate, pale green or reddened; scape bracts (1-)2-4 pairs, lance-linear, 1.5-4 cm; spike hemispheric to ovoid or subglobose, 1.5-4 cm, many-flowered, bracts much shorter than sepals, mostly ovate, 5-10 mm. Lateral sepals lanciform, 12-20 mm, strongly excurved, keel entire to distantly short-lacerate; corolla 20-35 mm long, blue to violet; anthers 2-4.5 mm; lateral stylar appendages recurved, strongly dilated at obliquely truncate apex. Capsule ovoid to ellipsoid, 5-8 mm, valve tips narrowed, 2-toothed; seeds pyramidal to obovoid, variously quadrate and faceted, ca. 1 mm long, reticulate with strong ribs and distinct, numerous cross-lines.


Amazonian Brazil present, South America present, Southern America: Colombia (Colombia present), Suriname present
South America, Colombia E to Suriname, south into Amazonian Brazil.