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Terrestrial acaulescent erect herbs, without modified stems. Stems unbranched. Leaves radicular, rosulate, equal to strongly unequal in a pair, venation pinnate, foliar nectaries absent. Flowers axillary, few to numerous in pedunculate panicles; bracteoles absent; pedicellate. Calyx lobes connate only at base; corolla white, tubular; stamens included, filaments not connate, anthers coherent in pairs, dehiscing by longitudinal slits, thecae divergent at base; staminode small; disc a ring of 5 subequal glands or with 2 dorsal lobes much larger than the other 3; ovary superior, stigma capitate. Fruit a dry, brown, loculicidally and sometimes septicidally dehiscent, 2-4-valved capsule, valves opening slightly.


Bolivar present, Guayana Highlands present, Southern America: Brazil North (Amazonas present); Venezuela (Venezuela present), western Guyana present
A monospecific genus, known only from the Guayana Highlands in BolĂ­var and Amazonas in Venezuela, neighbouring Brazil, western Guyana, and neighbouring Brazil.


Chromosome number unknown.