Piper anonifolium var. parkerianum

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Piper anonifolium var. parkerianum


This variety differs in the indument on the leaves. In the typical variety the leaves are glabrous on both sides, whereas in var. parkerianum the leaves are puberulent below. The shape of the leaves is not narrowly ovate, but ovate.


French Guiana present, Guyana present, Southern America: Venezuela (Venezuela present)
Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana: 19 collections studied (GU: 18; FG: 1).


Trelease & Yuncker (1950: 384) described Piper miquelii as having subnodal lines of hairs and the leaf lower surface pubescent including the veins. The type specimens at BM and K show the characteristic subnodal lines in a very few places. Presumably the lines disappear on older branches. The specimens also show the characteristic short, thick, apiculate spikes with cucullate, often greyish floral bracts. As a result, it is appropriate to assign Sagot 542, the type of P. miquelii, to P. anonifolium var. parkerianum.