Dicliptera granvillei

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Dicliptera granvillei


Low, weak herb, 0.5 m high. Stem creeping at base then becoming erect or ascending, subhexagonal, glabrous or nodes puberulous with curved trichomes. Petiole 20-25 mm long, glabrous or margins of channel puberulous with curved trichomes; blade membranous, lanceolate, 8-9.5 x 2-2.8 cm, entire or undulate, subacuminate (tip itself subobtuse), narrowed at base, both surfaces glabrous or nearly so; primary vein and secondary veins (5 or 6 pairs) rather obscure. Flowers borne in axillary cymes, these solitary or paired, mostly 2- or 3-branched, 1.5-2 cm long; peduncle 5-16 mm long, sparingly puberulous with curved trichomes; pair of bracts produced at base of cyme subulate, 7.5-9 x 1.2 mm; cymule bracts elliptic-obovate, membranous, green with whitish base, elliptic-obovate, acuminate to subacuminate at apex, narrowed at base, glabrous, veins coarsely reticulate, posterior bract 15-16 x 8.5-10 mm, anterior bract 14 x 8 mm, margin glabrous; bracteoles whitish-green, lanceolate, 13 x 2 mm, sparingly pilose. Calyx whitish-green, 7 mm long, lobes linear-lanceolate, 5.5 x 0.75 mm, puberulous and minutely gland-dotted, sparingly ciliate; corolla pale lilac, 22-25 mm long, glabrous except hirtellous medial portions and outer surface of lips, trichomesspreading, tube cylindrical, 10-11 mm long, 1.5 mm wide at base, 3 mm wide apically, lips spreading, upper lip lanceolate, 12-14 x 3 mm, rounded or obtuse, lower lip oblong, 12-14 x 4 mm, 3-lobed at apex, lobes about 0.5 mm long, rounded, pilose,
middle lobe 0.5 mm wide, lateral ones slightly narrower; stamens exserted about 10 mm beyond mouth of corolla tube, filaments flattened, sparingly puberulous, anther thecae superposed, 1 x 0.5 mm. Capsule unknown.


French Guiana present
French Guiana; known only from the type collection.


Flowering .