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Lianas of forest canopy or disturbed areas. Stems terete or trilobed, lenticellate, becoming warty with age; cross section with a single vascular cylinder; older stems with many cortical steles. Stipules minute, early deciduous. Leaves alternate, trifoliolate or less often biternate; petioles and petiolules unwinged; leaflets coriaceous. Inflorescences axillary, umbel-like or racemiform thyrses, with lateral cincinni, seldom bearing tendrils. Flowers actinomorphic; calyx cup-shapedwith 5 distinct sepals; petals 5, distinct, spatulate, auriculate or with a petaloid appendage; disc annular; stamens 6-8, the filaments of equal length, free; ovary 3-locular, each locule with a single ovule. Fruit a schizocarp, splitting into 3, samaroid mericarps with a distal wing. Seeds subglobose, not arillate.


Guianas present, South America present, Southern America
About 12 species from Central America and South America. One species in the Guianas.