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Understory treelets or medium to large trees. Stipules wanting. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, with a rudimentary distal leaflet; leaflets opposite or alternate, with entire margins; petiolules usually swollen. Inflorescences axillary, distal or seldom cauliflorous, paniculate or racemiform thyrses, with flowers in lateral, simple or compound dichasia. Flowers actinomorphic, functionally staminate or pistillate (plants dichogamous); sepals 5, connate at base, usually shorter than the petals; petals 5, distinct, erect or reflexedwith a simple or bifid petaloid appendage; disc annular; stamens 5-8, the filaments of unequal length, free, villose or glabrous, the anthers basifixed; ovary 3-locular, each locule with a single ovule. Fruits ellipsoid or globose, with leathery to woody pericarp. Seed usually one or less often two or three per fruit, with a fleshy, usually edible testa.


Amazon present, Guianas present, lowlands from southern Mexico present, northern Argentina present
A Neotropical genus with 59 species distributed in the lowlands from southern Mexico to northern Argentina, most species centered in the Amazon and the Guianas, 20 species in the Guianas.