Aptandra liriosmoides

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Aptandra liriosmoides


Bushy treelet or tree, 3-8 m tall. Branchlets pendent, subterete. Petioles slender, rugulose, 5-7(-10) x 1-1.5 mm; blades subcoriaceous, stiff, lanceolate-oblong, rarely oblong, 5-7(-10) x 2-3(-4) cm, margin undulate, apex gradually attenuate to shortly subacuminate, base usually rounded, sometimes subcordate, greenish-olivaceous to brownish and dull on both surfaces when dry, usually densely minutely punctate beneath, primary vein impressed above, prominent and striate lengthwise beneath, secondary veins 6-8 pairs subparallel to each other. Panicles few- to many-flowered, peduncle near the base often with small caducous ovate sterile bracts. Flowers with filiform pedicels, 1-1.5 cm long. Calyx hardly 1 mm diam.; petals coherent initially to a tube, finally free and revolute, white or light green, 2.5 x 0.8 mm. Drupe whitish or greenish, subglobular, 1.5(-2) cm diam.; fruit-calyx cup-shaped, enveloping the lower half of the drupe, ca. 1 cm high.


Amazonian Brazil present, Guyana present, Southern America: Venezuela (Venezuela present)
Venezuela to Amazonian Brazil; rare in Guyana, known from 1 collection only.