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<<Tepals>Stamens>Stamen number

1. 003-002-001


at least 10 mm long2
2. 004-001


stamens ;3
3. 003-002


stigmas unbranched.4
4. 003-003

<Tepals>Tepal number

(3 or) 45
5. 003-001


Trees, without spines, monoecious or dioecious (?). Inflorescences uni-sexual or bisexual (?). Tepals (3 or) 4; stamens (3-)4-8; stigmas unbranched. Fruit at least 10 mm long.


Guianas present, Neotropics present
Neotropics about 5 species, one of them in the Guianas.


Fruit .6
6. 004


Trees, without spines, monoecious or dioecious (?).7
7. 001


Inflorescences uni-sexual or bisexual (?).8
8. 002


Tepals ;9
9. 003


Vessels diffuse, solitary (25-%) and in irregular clusters and radial chains of 2-5, round, 11-12 per sq. mm., diameter 150-170 μm. Vessel- member length: 260 μm. Perforations simple. Inter-vascular pits alternate, round, often unilaterally compound, 8-9 μm. Vessel-ray and vessel- parenchyma pits larger, round to elongated, half-bordered, the borders very reduced. Thin-walled and thick-walled tyloses common to abundant.
Rays uniserate (very few) and 3-4-seriate, 5-6 per mm, up to 600 μm high. Heterogeneous, in part homogeneous, composed of procumbent cells, exept for marginal rows of 0-2 square cells. Few rhombic crystals in the marginal cells.
Parenchyma paratracheal, aliform-confluent with long and often narrow wings, sometimes in short wavy bands, marginal parenchyma present. Strands of 2-5 cells. Rhombic crystals common.
Fibres non-septate, lumen 3-6 μm, walls 3 μm. Pits simple, small, restricted to the radial walls. Length: 1265 μm. F/V ratio: 4.9.
Vitreous silica common in the fibres, axial parenchyma and the tyloses.

Wood observation species

A. edentula