Pourouma tomentosa subsp. maroniensis

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Pourouma tomentosa subsp. maroniensis


Blade entire and ovate (only in subjuvenile material to 3-parted), base truncate to subcordate. Heads of the staminate inflorescence 2-3 mm in diam.Perianth of the pistillate flower sparsely white-puberulous or yellow-velutinous, often with dense, white, arachnoid hairs.


French Guiana present, Gansee present, Grote Zwiebelzwamp present, Moengo present, Southern America: Brazil North (Amapá present, Amazonas present), Surinam present
Surinam (Gansee, Moengo, Grote Zwiebelzwamp), French Guiana (common), and Brazil (Amapa, Amazonas).