Purdiaea nutans

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Purdiaea nutans


Evergreen trees or shrubs. Leaves usually crowded at branch tips, generally sessile. Inflorescence generally terminal, racemose, bracts scarious, bracteoles absent; sepals unequal, outer sepals lobes conspicuously enlarged and with ciliate/fimbriate margins, often enlarged in fruit; stamens 10, in two whorls, anthers opening by apical pores; ovary usually 5-locular, 1-ovulate, style elongate. Fruit indehiscent, 3-5-ribbed, dry, enclosed in persistent sepals, seeds 1-5.


Purdiaea nutans has been recorded for the Guayana Highlands (Miller, 1998; Ståhl, 2004), usually in upper montane (tepui) forests and cloud forest.