Maburea trinervis

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Maburea trinervis


Tree, 10-25 m tall; stems 15-35 cm in diam., unbuttressed; bark gray-black, smooth. Branches terete, glabrous; branchlets densely covered with appressed, whitish simple hairs when young. Petioles 10-25 x 0.5-2 mm, with distinct dark longitudinal and transversal ribs, much thickened distally, slightly hairy; blades chartaceous, ovate or obovate, rarely narrowly so, 9-23 x 4.5-9 cm, apex shortly acuminate, base acute to obtuse, shiny green and glabrous above, dull green and sparsely covered with appressed simple hairs beneath, primary vein flattened or impressed above, strongly raised beneath, secondary veins 4, originating from or near the base, the two outermost at a distance of 0.5-3 mm from the margin, impressed above, strongly raised beneath, tertiary veins 25-30, subparallel, flattened above, distinctly raised below. Spike-like axillary shoots to 3 cm long, shortly pedunculate, rachis and flower-clusters densely covered with same hairs as the twigs, bracts triangular, 0.5-1.5 mm long. Flowers pale green. Calyx cup-shaped, 1.5 mm long, lobes deltate, 0.7 mm long and wide; petals connate into a campanulate tube for 2 mm, free lobes triangular, 1.5 mm long, apically recurved, inner side with long erect hairs; episepalous stamens with filaments 2 mm long, filaments of epipetalous stamens 1.5 mm long. Ovary subglobose, strongly thickened and crenulate in cross-section. Drupe globular to very broadly obovoid, 3.5 cm in diam., dark green (in vivo), seed globose, 2.5 cm in diam.


Guyana endemic
endemic in Guyana; 11 collections studied.