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New issue of the Flora:

  • Series A, Fasc. 27, 71. Cyrillaceae by J.C. Yesilyurt / 79. Theophrastaceae by B. Ståhl / 86.Rhabdodendraceae and 90.Proteaceae by G.T. Prance/ 100.Combretaceae by C.A. Stace / 113.Dichapetalaceae by G.T. Prance / 167. Limnocharitaceae and 168.Alismataceae by R.R. Haynes & L.B. Holm-Nielsen, including Wood & Timber by I. Poole, J. Koek-Noorman, F. Lens, S. Jansen, L.Y.T. Westra & J.W. Maas


Flora of the Guianas biennial meeting at Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, 4-5 November, 2010

See Newsletter 18 for details.


New issues of the Flora:

  • Series A, Fasc. 28, 87. Leguminosae subfamily Mimosoideae by R.C Barneby, J.W. Grimes & O. Poncy
  • Series C, Fasc. 2, Musci IV: In 1964, botanist Peter Florschütz published the first Moss Flora as a part of the Flora of Suriname (Vol. VI, part I, Musci), based on collections of Florschütz and his wife Jeanne in the period 1950-'51. At that time only few moss collections existed from the Guiana Shield. When Florschütz suddenly died in 1976, his wife continued his work. This resulted in the second Moss chapter in the Flora of Suriname and in 1996 in the Flora of the Guianas (Series C, Musci III, Leucomiaceae, Thuidiaceae, Sematophyllaceae en Hypnaceae). But the work was not yet finished. Jeanne continued to collect mosses in the Guianas in the 1980s and 1990s, and together with other collections this resulted in 83 extra species and 4 varieties for the Guianas. These are now published, illustrated and bundled with earlier work in the latest publication of the Flora of the Guianas Series C: Bryophytes fascicle 2, Musci IV. The magnum opus of Jeanne Florschütz.