de Vriese, W.H. & Teijsmann, J.E. s.n. (L)

Preserved Specimen
Begonia heteroclinis Miq. ex Koord. in Meded. Lands Plantentuin 19: 484. 1898,
Type designations
Lectotype (designated by Ardi, W.H. & Thomas, D.C. 20221) of Begonia heteroclinis Miq. ex Koord.;

Derivation tree

  • Indonesia, Sulawesi: Sulawesi, 1859, de Vriese, W.H. & Teijsmann, J.E. s.n.
    • L
1. Ardi, W.H. & Thomas, D.C. 2022: Synopsis of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from the northern arm of Sulawesi and Sangihe Island, Indonesia, including three new species. – Edinburgh J. Bot. 79(Begonia special issue, article 405): 1-50.