Begonia masarangensis Irmsch. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 50(4): 368. 1913

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Begonia Section

  • Petermannia


  • IUCN category: DD. Taxonomic uncertainty. (Hughes, M. An annotated checklist of Southeast Asian Begonia. 2008)


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi endemic)
Endemic to Indonesia, Sulawesi, North Sulawesi.

Bloembergen 4014 (BO) from from Central Sulawesi is morpholohically similar to and has been identified as Begonia masarangensis, but this requires further examination.

See specimen tab for map of point distribution data of georeferenced specimens.


  • Koorders (1904) cited two specimens: Koorders 16240b from Gunung Masarang, and Koorders 19241b, presumably from Gunung Lolomboelan. The latter was designated as lectotype for Begonia hispidissima by Smith and Wasshausen (1983). The former conforms with Begonia masarangensis, which based on morphology (see respective Image tabs) and DNA sequence data (Thomas et al., 2012), is distinct from Begonia hispidissima. [Note by D.C.Thomas; 1/8/2013]
  • Possibly synonymous with B. hispidissima Zipp. ex Koord., but see notes under that species. (Hughes, M. An annotated checklist of Southeast Asian Begonia. 2008)

Molecular Systematics

  • see Thomas et al., 2012 (Thomas, D.C., Hughes, M., Phutthai, T., Ardi, W.H., Rajbhandary, S., Rubite, R., Twyford, A.D. & Richardson, J.E. 2012: West to east dispersal and subsequent rapid diversification of the mega-diverse genus Begonia (Begoniaceae) in the Malesian archipelago. – Journal of Biogeography 39: 98-113)
  • GenBank
  • see Thomas et al., 2011 (Thomas, D.C., Hughes, M., Phutthai, T., Rajbhandary, S., Rubite, R., Ardi, W.H. & Richardson, J.E. 2011: A non-coding plastid DNA phylogeny of Asian Begonia(Begoniaceae): Evidence for morphological homoplasy and sectional polyphyly. – Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 60: 428-444)