Key to the species of Lepeostegeres

1Involucral bracts acute, sagittate
1'Involucral bracts obtuse to rounded, not sagittate
2Leaves long acuminate and acute at the apex
2'Leaves acute to rounded at the apex but not long acuminate
3Young internodes strongly quadrangular; corolla lobes reflexed at 4/5 the corolla height; free part of the filament less than 10 mm long
3'Young internodes terete; corolla lobes reflexed at 1/2 to 3/5 the corolla height; free part of the filament more than 10 mm long
4Involucral bracts spreading widely after anthesis; flowers in the inflorescence 30 or more
4'Involucral bracts remaining appressed after anthesis, or deciduous; flowers in the inflorescence up to 30
5Anther 4-6 mm long, subsessile on free filament up to 1 mm long
5'Anther 1.5-10 mm long, longer or shorter than a free filament which is more than 1 mm long
6Involucral bracts deciduous after anthesis
6'Involucral bracts persistent
7Flowers and fruits sessile; corolla 35-40 mm long
7'Flowers pedicellate, the pedicels elongating under the fruits; corolla 23-32 mm long
8Involucre less than 30 mm long; corolla less than 30 mm long; anther 1.5-2 mm long, shorter than the free filament
8'Involucre more than 50 mm long; corolla more than 80 mm long; anther 9-10 mm long, longer than the free filament