Key to the species of Ginalloa

1Inflorescence up to 10 mm long; cymules mostly 1-flowered
1'Inflorescence more than 10 mm long; cymules mostly 3-flowered
2Plants with normally developed and rudimentary leaves in successive pairs; normal leaves 5-40 mm long; inflorescences mostly terminal, with 3-16 pairs of cymules
2'Plants seemingly sparsely leafy or leafless, with rudimentary leaves produced at most or all nodes; normal leaves 30-50 mm long; inflorescences mostly axillary, mostly with 2 or 3 pairs of cymules
3Bracteoles densely fimbriate, forming a tuft of white hairs surrounding the flowers; spikes 80-200 mm long with internodes 8-20 mm long; fruit white
3'Bracteoles entire or serrate; spikes 20-90 mm long with internodes 2-7 mm long; fruit yellow to red
4Normal leaves linear to narrowly lanceolate, less than 10 mm wide 1.
4'Normal leaves narrowly to broadly ovate or elliptic, more than 10 mm wide...
5Normal leaves thickly coriaceous, broadly elliptic or broadly ovate; rudimentary leaves 2-4 mm above each leafy node, ragged at the margin; spikes 20-35 mm long with 8-10 pairs of cymules
5'Normal leaves thinly coriaceous, narrowly ovate to ovate; rudimentary leaves mostly 7-25 mm above each leafy node, entire at the margin; spikes 30-90 mm long with 9-40 pairs of cymules