KEY TO THE SPECIES (including species of India and the Pacific)

1Leaf apex rounded; primary veins 6-8 pairs. Fiji
1'Leaf apex acuminate or acute; primary veins usually more than 10 pairs. India, Malesia, or Pacific: Fiji, only A. racemosa.
2Receptacle tube cylindrical and narrow.
2'Receptacle tube funnel-shaped to campanulate.
3Leaves broadly elliptic, 8-10 cm broad; rounded at base; apex shortly acuminate, the acumen 2-3 mm long
3'Leaves oblong, 2.5-6 cm broad; subcuneate to rounded at base; apex with long thin acumen 4-22 mm long.
4Receptacle 8-13 mm long. Leaf apex long acuminate; base rounded
4'Receptacle 5-7 mm long. Leaf apex short acuminate, the acumen 3-10 mm long; base cuneate
5Leaves broadly ovate, thickly coriaceous, cordate at base, 4.5-12 cm long
5'Leaves usually elliptic, chartaceous to thinly coriaceous, usually rounded at base (if cordate then exceeding 10 cm in length).
6Fertile stamens 12-14. Inflorescence sericeous or sparsely pilose. India.
6'Fertile stamens 15-20. Inflorescence tomentellous. Not in India
7Inflorescence sparsely pilose. Leaves elliptic-lanceolate, with 8-10 pairs of primary veins. India
7'Inflorescence densely sericeous. Leaves lanceolate, with 12-16 pairs of primary veins. India