1Indusia broad, lunulate, or linear
1'Indusia reniform, with wide or narrow sinuses
2Sori medial to submarginal
2'Sori marginal
3Pinnae with acute apex; rhachis scales hyaline
3'Pinnae with rounded or obtuse apex; rhachis scales light brown to dark
4Rhachis scales dark; pinna-base fully 1-sided, basiscopically base narrowly cuneate; basal scales with entire acumen
4'Rhachis scales light brown; pinna-base slightly to strongly unequal, basiscopically rounded or cordate; basal scales usually with denticulate acumen
5Sori linear; basal scales squarrose, with light brown central part
5'Sori round or elongated; basal scales appressed, spreading or sometimes squarrose, with rufous central part
6Indusium attached at base and sides; basal scales dull, with microscopic marginal glands around the scale, with entire or dentate acumen; rhachis scales dark, with entire or dentate acumen
6'Indusium attached at broad base; basal scales shining, without marginal glands, with ciliate or fimbriate acumen; rhachis scales hyaline to rufous, with ciliate acumen
7Pinna apex acuminate to caudate; pinna margin in basal part entire
7'Pinna apex rounded, obtuse or acute; pinna margin in basal part crenate
8Plants scrambling, runners modified into thick scrambling ones and thinner, tendril-like or root bearing ones; rhachis scales distinctly bullate when dry
8'Plants not scrambling, runners not modified; rhachis scales flat when dry
9Basal scales spreading or squarrose
9'Basal scales appressed with light brown central part; pinna-base equal or slightly unequal; rhachis scales appressed or spreading
10Basal scales dull; rhachis scales very sparse or sparse, appressed, without a distinctly protracted acumen; scales on lamina absent or sometimes present
10'Basal scales shining; rhachis scales dense to very dense, spreading to squarrose, with a well-developed protracted acumen; scales on lamina usually persistent
11Rhachis scales very sparse, inconspicuous, hyaline; pinnae not auricled; sori marginal
11'Rhachis scales sparse, dark and conspicuous when present; pinnae slightly to distinctly auricled; sori submarginal
12Sterile pinnae strongly auricled; basal scales with distinct, wide hyaline margin
12'Sterile pinnae auricled or not; basal scales with hyaline margin narrow or present in lower part only
13Hairs on upper side of costae absent; rhachis scales rufous, with strongly dentate acumen; sori submarginal
13'Hairs on upper side of costa present; rhachis scales hyaline or light brown (rarely rufous), with nearly entire acumen; sori submedial
14Rhachis scales dark, with entire acumen; lamina base strongly reduced; pinna-base strongly unequal, acroscopically truncate, slightly to distinctly auricled; sori submarginal, not on teeth
14'Rhachis scales hyaline or with a dark, acicular, often ciliate acumen; lamina base truncate; pinna-base slightly unequal, acroscopically emarginate to cuneate, not auricled; sori marginal, often on separate teeth