1Leaves unifoliolate or seemingly simple
1'Leaves l-3(-6)-jugate
2Leaves 4-6-jugate
2'Leaves 1-3-jugate
3Leaflets extremely unequal, the lower pair elliptic or ovate, very small, 0.5-1.6 cm long, acute at the apex, the upper pair lanceolate, 7.5-16 cm long, acuminate at the apex. Rachis of inflorescence absent. Stamens 12, all fertile
3'Leaflets not as above, ovate-oblong to oblong, 1.8-2 cm long, very deeply emarginate at the apex. Rachis of inflorescence 2.5-4.5 mm. Stamens 10, one sterile
4Inflorescences 4 or 5, borne on hard knots on the trunk. Leaves 1-jugate. Fruits fleshy, 2.7-3 by 1.8-2 by 1 cm, rugose. Known only in cultivation
4'Inflorescences usually solitary, axillary
5Petiole 2 mm. Leaflets small, (1.8 — )3.5-4.5 by (0.7-)l. 1-1.4 cm; apex acuminate, emarginate and mucronate at the tip
5'Petiole usually more than 4 mm, up to 15 mm. Leaflets usually much larger.
6Leaflets obtuse or rounded at the apex
6'Leaflets acuminate at the apex
7Leaves 2-jugate, petiole 6-15 mm. Leaflet pairs of unequal size, the upper one 11-20 by 4-8 cm, the lower one 4-8.5 by 1.8-5 cm.. 5.
7'Leaves 1- or 2-jugate, petiole 2-4 mm. Leaflets about the same size
8Rachis of inflorescence 3-4 mm. Bracts minute, c. 1 mm long. Petals small, 2 mm long. Anthers more or less apiculate. Fruits deeply rugose
8'Rachis of inflorescence 5-6 mm. Bracts larger, c. 3 mm long. Petals 4.5 mm long. Anthers not apiculate. Fruits unknown
9Rachis of inflorescence or infructescence very short, less than 4 mm long..
9'Rachis of inflorescence or infructescence longer, 10-45 mm long
10Leaflets 14-25 by 4.7 cm, tip of acumen pointed, not emarginate
10'Leaflets smaller, 4-7 by 1-3 cm, tip of acumen emarginate
11Fruits deeply rugose. Rachis of inflorescence 13-25 mm; pedicels 7-15 mm..
11'Fruits smooth or rough, not rugose
12Fruits asymmetrical, convex on outer side, straight on inner side, rough. Rachis of infructescence 4.5 cm long
12'Fruits ± symmetrical, smooth. Rachis of inflorescence 0.5-3 cm long
13Pedicels of flowers 18-26 mm. Petals 7 mm long
13'Pedicels of flowers 4-8 mm. Petals smaller, 2-4 mm long