1Veins anastomosing (sect. Stegnogramma)
1'Veins free (sect. Leptogramma).
2Pinnae to 7.5x1.6 cm or larger; lower surface of costae bearing many hairs, short ones more abundant than longer
2'Pinnae, if over 4 cm long, not more than 1 cm wide; lower surface of costae bearing rather sparse hairs 0.5 mm or more long and a few short ones.
3Pinnae not over 1.5 cm long, only basal ones lobed; sporangia sparsely setose
3'Pinnae longer, several pairs lobed; sporangia all freely setose.
4Pinnae to 5.0 x 0.8 cm with narrowly triangular apex 10 mm long
4'Pinnae proportionately wider with short entire apex.
5Fronds to 30 cm long; basal pinnae lobed more than half-way towards costa.
5'Fronds c. 16 cm long; basal pinnae less deeply lobed