1Cymes peduncled for 0.5-1 cm. Bracts and bracteoles caducous in early anthesis. Petals (6-) 8-10 mm. Drupe obovoid-subturbinate, apex truncate, apiculate by the remaining hard style base. Leaves smooth on upper surface, not pellucid-punctulate
1'Cymes or fascicles sessile. Bracts and bracteoles persisting into anthesis. Petals 2-5 mm. Drupe pyriform when young, subglobose at full maturity, apex obtuse-rounded; remains of calyx and style base inconspicuous
2Leaves hardly or not pellucid-punctulate, their surfaces smooth. Petals 2 mm.
2'Leaves generally distinctly pellucid-punctulate, their surfaces markedly parchment-like (shagreened) from tiny surface wrinkles or bumps, often glaucous-green and dull in dry specimens. Petals (2.5-) 3-4 (-5) mm