KEY TO THE SPECIES (based on flowering characters)

1Upper part of pedicels pilose
1'Upper part of pedicels glabrous except for glandular hairs
2Disc as high as broad or broader than high (flat). Philippines, New Guinea, Solomons
2'Disc higher than broad. Nicobar Islands, Sumatra
3Ovary (sub)glabrous (to pilose); if pilose then disc usually with slits. Petals 0.5-2.2 mm high, crests often present as ribs or as flat scales. New Guinea, Solomons.
3'Ovary pilose; disc without slits. Petals 0.4-1 mm high, crests absent. Philippines
4Disc as high as broad, without slits. Crests usually present on petal scales as ribs or as flat appendages. Ovary (sub)glabrous. N coast of New Guinea: E Geelvink Bay to Madang Province
4'Disc flat to as high as broad, usually with slits. Crests usually absent, at most present as ribs. Ovary subglabrous to pilose. New Guinea: Peninsula to S coast to Vogelkop
5Stamens 8, some flowers of a cymule, especially the first flowering male ones, with 9 or more. Solomons and New Guinea (absent in Morobe Prov.)
5'Stamens 8. New Guinea: Morobe Province
6Inflorescences up to 17 cm long, axillary to pseudoterminal. Each inflorescence with at least a few big bracts 1-3.3 mm long. Solomons and N New Guinea: Jayapura to Morobe Province to Bougainville
6'Inflorescences up to 8.5 cm long, usually ramiflorous on thin twigs to axillary to pseudoterminal. Inflorescences with only small bracts 0.7-1.3 mm long. New Guinea: Peninsula to S coast to Vogelkop