KEY TO THE GENERA (11. Lauterbachia not included)

1Flowers hermaphrodite; anthers valvate; filaments of stamens with a pair of glands; fruits with persistent elongated plumose style (Subfam. ATHEROSPERMATOIDEAE)
1'Flowers unisexual; anthers dehiscing by slits; filaments without glands; style not persistent in fruit.
2Lianas; receptacle splitting irregularly when ripe to reveal drupes dispersed over its inner surface (Subfam. MONIMIOIDEAE)
2'Trees or shrubs, or if rarely scandent then fruit not as above (Subfam. MOLLINEDIOIDEAE).
3Male flower with a small, flat receptacle bearing relatively large rotund tepals; after anthesis female receptacle splitting irregularly from the ostiole; fruit a head of sessile drupes with the irregular rim of the receptacle reflexed below them (Tribe HEDYCARYEAE)
3'Male flower with a globose or flask-shaped receptacle, either with a small ostiole or (in Kairoa) splitting open at anthesis to form a cup with sharply lobed margin; after anthesis upper half of female receptacle abscissing as a calyptra; fruit a head of sessile or stipitate drupes with the annular scar of the calyptra below them (Tribe MOLLINEDIEAE).
4Female receptacle with thickened glands inside the ostiole.
4'Female receptacle without glands inside the ostiole.
5Style-stigma subulate; anthers dispersed irregularly within the receptacle.
5'Stigma sessile obtuse; anthers disposed regularly in whorls of 4 or in decussate pairs.
6Anthers dehiscing by a horseshoe-shaped slit
6'Anthers dehiscing by two vertical slits
7Stamens in several whorls of 4
7'Stamens in two whorls (up to 4 stamens)
8Male receptacle at anthesis a fleshy cup with rim split into acute lobes; stamens numerous (over 100); stigma short sessile; stems and branches with prominent irregular longitudinal ridges of cork
8'Male receptacle at anthesis with an ostiole surrounded by minute tepals; stamens few; branches ± smooth.
9Anthers dehiscing by a single horizontal or horseshoe-shaped slit
9'Anthers dehiscing by two vertical slits