1Flowers sustained by 1 bract. Stamens as many as sepals; connective not or only slightly conduplicate. apsule small, chartaceous. Seed situated (latero-)centrally in its wing. Tribe CRYPTERONIEAE.
1'Flowers sustained by 3 bracts, the two lateral ones often minute. Stamens twice as many as petals. onnective completely conduplicate. Ovary inferior, with 1 or 2 ovules per cell. Capsule large, woody, half-inferior. Seed situated basally in its wing. Nerves ascending and anastomosing into a looped marginal nerve. Tribe AXINANDREAE
2Petals absent. Ovary superior with many ovules per cell. Capsule with many seeds per cell. Nerves istinct, ascending and often anastomosing into a looped marginal nerve
2'Petals present, soon caducous. Ovary at least half-inferior, the lower part immersed in the receptacle, with 3 ovules per cell. Capsule with 1-3 seeds per cell. Leaves coriaceous with vague venation.