Key to the species of Ehretia

1Leaves serrate to irregularly dentate. Inflorescence paniculoid or thyrsoid
1'Leaves entire or with few irregular teeth. Inflorescence corymbose or with few cymose branches
2Cymes few-flowered, always axillary, bracteate; lower bracts up to 10 mm long
2'Inflorescence terminal or axillary, with branched or unbranched cymes or corym- bose, without or with few bracts at base of branches
3Tube of corolla 3.5-5 times as long as the calyx; lobes one third, rarely up to half as long as tube, recurved. Fruit up to 10 mm long
3'Tube of the corolla shorter compared to the calyx and lobes. Fruit 8 mm long or shorter
4Anthers sagittate, with a narrow but distinct sinus between their lower ends. Often also veins of higher order distinct, forming a dense network
4'Anthers not sagittate, linear, sometimes widened and rounded at base. Only pri- mary nerves prominent
5Inflorescence branched, with 1-5 flowers all on one side of each branch, on short pedicels (0.5-1 mm)
5'Inflorescence branched, flowers single (rarely 2 or 3) terminal on branches of ulti- mate order, not all on one side of main branches
6Inflorescence glabrous
6'Inflorescence shortly pubescent, sometimes with glands
7Leaves ovate to lanceolate, with distant primary nerves usually 1 cm or more apart at their base
7'Leaves obovate to oblanceolate, sometimes emarginate at apex, with very dense primary nerves less than 1 cm apart at their base
8Inflorescence glabrous or nearly glabrous
8'Inflorescence hairy
9Leaves acute or acuminate. Calyx 1.2-1.5 mm long, cleft to middle or a little beyond, lobes glabrous or with few hairs along margin. Style cleft for about 0.8 mm
9'Leaves rarely acute, usually obtuse or emarginate. Calyx 2.5 mm long, cleft for about 2 mm, lobes densely ciliate along margin. Style cleft for most of its length
10Scandent shrubs. Calyx densely covered with very short reddish, strigillose hairs. Young branches with loose patent bristles sometimes thorn-like with broader base
10'Trees. Calyx without reddish hairs, sometimes ciliate along margin and/or cover- ed with white pustules. Young branches glabrous
11Corolla-tube distinctly longer than calyx. Calyx lobes with patent, long hairs along margin, glabrous on surface
11'Corolla-tube included in calyx. Calyx lobes ciliate along margin, white pustulate on surface