1Leaves 2-3-pinnate
1'Leaves imparipinnate, or unifoliolate.
2Ovary 2-celled (or predominantly so).
2'Ovary variable, but many flowers with more than 2 cells.
3Main inflorescence branches diffusely branched
3'Main inflorescence branches with verticils of short branches
4Leaflets orbicular or reniform. Leaves unifoliolate or trifoliolate
4'Leaflets ovate, oblong, or elliptic (cultivated forms often laciniate or lanceolate). Leaves with 3 or more pairs of leaflets.
5Leaf margin sharply serrate (blade often rhomboidal and variegated with light yellow)
5'Leaf margin entire, or obscurely dentate.
6Peduncles of the ultimate umbellules bearing 1 or more pairs of small bracts (reduced flowering branches sometimes present in their axils)
6'Peduncles of the ultimate umbellules either without bracts, or with 1 or more small bracts inserted singly