1Style-base much incrassate, conical, persistent on the nut, hispid. Hypogynous scales linear. Nut 2½-3 mm long (style-base included). Inflorescence almost capitate, consisting of (1-)2-3 nearly sessile spikelets.
1'Style-base hardly incrassate, caducous. Hypogynous scales narrowly lanceolate. Nut 1⅓-2 mm long. Inflorescence racemose (spikelets distinctly peduncled), or consisting of a single spikelet.
2Inflorescence racemose, consisting of 2-3 distant fascicles of branches and 4-6 spikelets. Glumes 4-5. Nut glabrous, 1⅔-2 by 1 mm. Stems usually taller than in next species, up to 15 cm.
2'Inflorescence consisting of 1(-2) spikelets. Glumes 3. Nut hispidulous at the top, 1⅓-1½ by ⅔ mm. Stems very short, 2-5 cm