1Spikelets not squarrose, whitish, 4-5 mm wide; glumes not mucronate, but with a short erect or slightly incurved triangular tip. Hypogynous scales distinctly longer than the nut, c. 2 mm. Anthers linear, ¾-1 mm long. Nut ⅓-½ mm wide. Rather firm plant with leaves 2-4 mm wide
1'Spikelets squarrose by the distinct, finally recurved mucros of the glumes, greenish, 2-3 mm wide. Hypogynous scales but slightly longer than the nut, c. 1 mm. Anthers oblong, ¼-2/5 mm long. Nut 1/5- ¼ mm wide. Very slender, weak plant with leaves 1-2 mm wide